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Start off mining cryptocurrency at Vogue Singapore

Vogue Singapore is partnering with Singaporean technologies company Vidy to offer you cryptocurrency, by means of VidyCoin, to visitors watching videos embedded in on-line post captions.

Vogue Singapore has cryptocurrency to further improve your digital encounter among its devoted viewers. This simply means, you can generate crypto in many different methods, such as surfing around sites and viewing video clips.

Afterwards, the crypto which you can use to redeem exclusive awards from Vogue in the form of products and print out editions of magazines. You may even make use of it to make charitable donations to the neighborhood as a type of concern.

To create this practical experience a reality, Vogue Singapore has joined forces with Vidy, a blockchain-based electronic advertising system. Beginning from an unrest about video clip ads and banners that interfered together with your reading routines, Vidy came to be.

Getting VidyCoin a step further more, Vidy founded VidyCoin since the formal cryptocurrency in 2017. In addition, Vidy created an ecosystem to carry on creating VidyCoin.

Now, having collaborated with Vogue Singapore, Vidy enables viewers to mine crypto by using movie content.

To get more information about VidyCoin Mining check this popular web site.
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